WellFit Rehab Is Ohio's Premier Rehabilitation & Aquatics Center

We offer the most up-to-date, scientific treatment available, specializing in treatment for all orthopedic injuries to the spine and extremities.

Physical Therapy

Licensed physical therapist provides comprehensive therapy for surgical recovery, chronic pain, etc., etc.  Jonathan Schauss, MBA, PT, CSCS

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy provides a controlled environment for resistance and temperature-based treatment. Many patients are able to begin physical therapy sooner in our pool than they would with traditional therapy.

Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage,  Sports Massage, and more. The therapist is also a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant.


When I came in for my first visit I was dragging my foot behind me like a roadkill possum. Now, I’m back to doing the Mambo and Tango–literally!
- Roger S.

Welcome to WellFit Rehabilitation & Aquatics!

We’re a private physical therapy practice located in Westlake, Ohio and we specialize in the full scope of orthopedic injuries, from sports injuries to recovering from full joint replacement. We also treat worker’s compensation patients and those who suffer from back and neck problems.

Additionally, we now offer specialized treatment for people dealing with TMJ dysfunction. Our Dry Needling specialist is one of the few physical therapists in the area trained in this incredibly effective technique. Dry Needling gets directly into the injured muscle and releases the pain from the inside out!

WellFit Rehabilitation offers Aquatic Therapy with the premier SwimEx Therapy Pool System, which allows patients to be treated in a semi-weightless environment. This is exceptionally effective for low-back-pain patients and those who are receiving physical therapy to return to walking; the pool reduces the effects of gravity stresses on the low back. The SwimEx Pool has an adjustable speed current that challenges patients to work against the force of rushing water. It also allows competitive swimmers and triathletes to receive biomechanical stroke analysis through underwater videotaping, which can be viewed instantly on our poolside 40-inch monitor. Come check out this therapy tool that is truly unique to the Cleveland market!